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Category: 2020 Drama

The War Chest

The War Chest by Mark FrankT Cast of Characters Doi: 12, a little girl. Nazi German soldier Grandmother of Doi. Various Jewish women-prisoners in a…

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Who’s There?

Who’s There? by Joseph Mills CAST:             GUARDS, at least six, but as many as possible or desired. GUARD 1 and GUARD 2 wear similar uniforms.…

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The Elevator

The Elevator by Cameron Cox Characters: Lance Phillips: Main Protagonist. Early 30s’, blonde hair, and clean shaven. He is the vice president of software at…

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Detective by Tiffany Tillman A One-Act Play CHARACTERS: DETECTIVE: 35, Private detective SUBCONSCIOUS: Detective’s subconscious thoughts personified. VERONICA: 29, Archeologist specializing in religion of Europe…

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