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Category: 2020 Prose


Full by Andi Brown          Here is how you eat boiled shrimp when you are twelve years old at a family reunion in Gulfport, Mississippi: First,…

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Blank Lines

Blank Lines by Jocelyn Whitney Blank lines, then columns checked with tally marks: M, F, 50, B. Line after line they face me, challenging me…

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Soul Sketches

Soul Sketches by N. T. McQueen My youngest daughter gives me drawings every day. At five, she has mastered writing and spelling her name as…

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Easter Furlough

Easter Furlough by Laurence Foshee Three months before I heard about his funeral, three weeks too late—and three days before the Poway Synagogue Shooting where…

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Sick Dogs

Sick Dogs by John Pfanz           The trash was piled high in and around the dumpster by building J of Lake Street Apartments that cool…

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