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Category: 2015 Issue

2015 Issue 2

2015 Issue Contents Poetry Prose   Masthead Managing Editor Sloan Davis Poetry Editor Matthew Dorr Prose Editor Maurie Traylor Web Designer & Art Editor Thee Yang Advisory…

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What If?

by Kerith Johnson   I’ve come to the edge of the path I’ve been walking A canyon stretches below cutting off my way. But you’re…

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The Audition

by Becky Eagleton   “Your name?” “Cicero.” “Like the Roman?” He blinked. “Jones. This is my first time.” “You’ll be fine.” I turned to Tricia…

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by Ashley Sorrell   Today I was thinking of you My hands got sweaty And heart dropped heavy The feeling of regret From last summer’s…

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by  Meagan Hancock   She found kissing him like smoking cigarettes; Regret filling each breath he took away. Every kiss was another hit, she swore…

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