The Socio-political Anarchistic Nihilistic Subterranean Homesick Blues . . . Rap

By Stephen Boyd Cates


Whatcha gon do when the grid goes down

And ya can’t text your baby when she’s way cross town?

Will ya cry, will ya cuss, will ya fuss and frown

Cuz ya got no batt-e- REEZ!?

Can’t find no batt-e-REEZ!


Well, the phones won’t work cuz there ain’t no juice

To charge ‘em up—it just ain’t no use,

So you get you a gun and go out and cruise

Just to steal some batt-e-REEZ.

Gotta find some batt-e-REEZ!


Go getcha gun now and practice up

Cuz the whole damn world is gonna erupt

And they’ll shoot you down and they’ll kill your pup

Just to get some batt-e-REEZ!

They want some batt-e-REEZ!


The smart I-phones won’t do no good

Everyone will be just as dumb as wood

Cuz they can’t answer questions like they used-ta could

When they had some batt-e-REEZ!

But there won’t be no batt-e-REEZ!


Well, your baby’ll go peddalin’ like a whore

Just a-sellin’ that thing from door to door

A-workin’ night and day just to try to score

Some stinkin’ batt-e-REEZ!

She gotta find some batt-e-REEZ!


When no electricity can be found

Not even for a mark a buck or a pound

You won’t e-mail your friends cross town

Cuz you got no batt-e-REEZ!

There ain’t no batt-e-REEZ!


Well, time’ll pass but it’ll do no good

You’ll be scroungin’ round a-lookin’ for wood

To cook your meat and heat the hood

Cuz there ain’t no batt-e-REEZ!

Ya won’t have no batt-e-REEZ!


I dreamed they fought a war in Jesus’ name

But when they texted everbody—well, no one came

It was the same ol’ thing—the same ol’ game

There wadn’t no batt-e-REEZ!

Can’t fight without batt-e-REEZ!


Well, I moved to Montana—I live off the land

I play my music in an acoustic band

No wah-wah peddle   No amp’s demand

For E-lec-tri-ci-ty!

Or stinkin’ batt-e-REEZ!


Well, if the grid goes down it won’t bother me

Don’t need no E-lec-tri-ci-ty

Ain’t got no phone, no grid—I’m FREE!

Don’t need no batt-e-REEZ!

Don’t want no batt-e-REEZ!

Just keep your batt-e-REEZ!



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