the maps we drew

by Laura Murphy

desert psychedelic blues celebration of vast liberation from sorrow
far-out above and beyond the beyond
human folly and follicular obstacles of limited mammalian vision
primal wondering musing holistically and rhizomatically
in solitude teachers educate our heart of hearts
expanding in unison tugging support strings balancing on galaxies
rooted inner worlds meaning absolute meaninglessness
quiet desperation to Live as we have feared to Live

for the vibrancy of color spectrums and crystallized continuums
blind believers into messy doers tripping on love
falling bowing woven whispering of fearless devotion
ruminating percolating reaching shaking grasping
dreaming Life into fragrant blossomed manifestation
the language of one cosmic breath at a time
perfectly imperfect and words can hardly explain how we feel
and the knowing supersedes, anchoring the guttural feelings
missing the mark yet aiming anyway

crooked arrows pierce ecstatic hearts
we know where our desire guides us
even when we’ve forgotten
the maps we drew together
are we willing to go there
have we faith in ourselves to risk perceived failure
we exclaimed, smartly, “one day we will need these maps”
we thought we would outwit time but did we
or did time benevolently deceive us so we could learn our lessons

sand dunes slip listlessly through obsolete hour-glass receptacles
floating toward bottomless bed-rock pillows like feathers
surreal thunder storming lightening landscapes illuminate
feathers like snowflakes each one unique trembling
fluttering gracefully seemingly with no direction like butterflies
journeying to the full moon circle dance ritual
lift up your hearts in mourning on this morning

all is well

the bigger picture sings resonates orchestrates cohesive elements
marches onward to the heart beat of the Earth Drum
in concert in symphony in cacophony in order in chaos
no need to fear what is bigger than we
yet take heed when wandering in the desert on your vision quest
for the four directions bleed together like an oasis on a canvas
like pigments of a rainy-day mirage