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By Brianna Sanow



I’ve winked at you from across the bar

Since I was a child

Still you refuse to buy me a drink


You taught me how to rip my own heart out

And hurl it into the pigs’ trough

The watery patches of your thirsty river

Reflect the sky that frowns on you


I learned who I want to be

And how I could never be her

While walking your littered streets,

Immersed in the inky darkness supplied by the thieves

Who cut out your copper wires


Your people dig shared needles into their impoverished skin

And they will outlast their teeth

Eventually Jack will stop playing his guitar

And your people will clap to the sound of their boredom


I will leave you in my pregnancy

Seeded with the bastard memory

Of your tempered form

And I will never look back

Until I have to


You femme fatale, you have an enchantment

A gravity that pulls us back

It squelches the wanderlust bubbling in our blood

And makes you so hated

Yet so loved all at once

For we all relish in affection for the barren

And we all eventually return for one more reach up your skirt

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