Issue #3

2016 Issue



Allen Culpepper/Managing Editor

Dejah Henson/Submissions Manager

Rachel Keith/Executive Editor

Natalie Kendrick/Fiction Editor

Kristen Lowe/Poetry Editor

Toronzo McInnis/Marketing & Outreach Director

Briann Piguet/Non-fiction Editor

Destiny Pricer/Art Editor

Benjamin Gennetay/ Web Editor and Design Director

Advisory Committee

Mary Cantrell (Southeast Campus), Allen Culpepper (Southeast Campus), Sloan Davis (Northeast Campus), Kasty France (Southeast Campus), Carol Johnson (Southeast Campus), Josh Parish (Metro Campus), Sarah Stecher (Metro Campus), and Paul Zintgraff (Metro Campus)

Tulsa Review Logo | Annie Matthews

Masthead art (birds)/Maurie Traylor


Acknowledgements for 2016 issue

The Tulsa Community College Foundation for its generous funding of our contest prizes

Southeast Campus Student Life for funding our launch party

Poetry Judges: Josh Parish, Sarah Stecher, Jeanne Urie

Art Judges: Lyndel Colglazier, Ted Holland, Angela Summers

Prose Judges: Sloan Davis, Kasty France, Carol Johnson

Southeast Campus Student Life Staff

Southeast Campus Provost’s Office, especially Sally Mondragon

Southeast Campus Police

The English and Speech Faculty and Communications/Liberal Arts Administration and Staff at Metro, Northeast, Southeast, and West Campuses, especially Michelle Dixon and Mary Steinsiek

Previous Managing Editors Sloan Davis and Josh Parish

Student Affairs Administration and Staff, especially Jan Clayton and Denise Baldwin

TCC Foundation Administration and Staff, especially Lauren Brookey and Tammy Upshaw

Ken Wood and Johansen Quijano for staff-recruitment assistance

Thee Yang Xiong for social-media assistance

Southeast Campus Facilities staff for room set-up for launch party

Matt Edwards/Southeast Instructional Technology for audio and projection at launch party

TCC Marketing Department for promotional fliers

TCC-Southeast Print Shop

Beth Thompson for use of easels for art winners

And everyone who shared their poetry, stories, essays, and artwork with us

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Tulsa Review, c/o Tulsa Community College

Communications Division Rm. SE-1202

10300 E. 81st St.| Tulsa, OK | 74133-4513

(918) 595-7647