Poetry Issue #3

2016 Poetry

Sarah Stecher Poetry Prize

by Brianna Sanow

Second Place

by Stephen Boyd Cates

Third Place

Breakfast with Billy Collins
by Jane Gibson


If I Had Gotten Out of School
by Myleena Sevin

For Love
by Dejah Henson

Ginkgo Tree
by Kathryn Brownfield

Lace and Ribbon
by Jessica Hulsey

by Jane Gibson

New Words
by Rebekka Mallicoat

On Tatjana, Veiled Head, Tight View, by Herb Ritz
by T. Allen Culpepper

One Is All and All Is One
by David Nnaji

Our Small Universe
by Sarah Stecher

Reflections on a Young Lady
by David Edwards

What I Say When We Are Writing
by Linda Russo

When We Were Kids
by Percy Totten

The Socio-political Anarchistic Nihilistic Subterranean Homesick Blues . . . Rap
by Stephen Boyd Cates

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