By Stephen Boyd Cates


If you were as aerodynamically

Designed as a yellow and black bumblebee,

You’d find it as difficult as it could be

To fly, since it’s not a poss-i-bil-i-ty.


The scientists tell us the bee cannot fly

For reasons profusely expounded from high.

Maintained by these lawyers of physics, they cry,

“The bee is too heavy!” His feat they deny!


And if you, perchance, should peruse bumblebees

On wing flying nimbly, don’t fall to your knees,

For, Einstein and Newton, the bees know not these;

They just know to fly with the greatest of ease.


So, take to the wing and do not let them say

That you cannot do it, that you must obey;

Remember the bee buzzing by on his way,

Through ignorance he flies and does to this day.



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