Carroll After Dark

by Debra Chandler


Don’t read Carroll after dark,

Doing so could leave a mark-

In the soul and on the mind;

Many fear what’s left behind.


If in the dark you dare not go

For fear of darkness– don’t read Poe.

For in that tiny dreaded hour,

Darkness may your light devour.


Mark your authors, mark them well

For Dante took us straight to Hell,

King to realms of horror deep

And Gygax to the Dragons’ Keep.


 Herbert birthed the spice of Dune

And Tolkien warred o’er elven rune.

Asimov coined robot law,

And Bradbury the Martians saw.


Madness is not for everyone-

And many writers are undone.

Unless you’d bear the writer’s mark–

Don’t read Carroll after dark.