For Those Who Have Known & Those Who Will Know Me

by BAILEY HUERTA | 3rd Place tie, student poetry contest

When I was a dream,
I was the Sky;
And the light and the stars all knew me.

When I was a small baby,
I was a bee;
And the bugs & the frogs all knew me.

When I was a girl,
I was rain;
And the puddles and the mud all knew me.

When I was a Woman,
I was the thunder;
And the earthquakes & the depths of the Seas all knew me.

When I was a mother,
I was creator
And the Earth and trees all knew me.

When I am no more,
I will be everything.
And I will know you,
Just as you once knew me.


Chidera Nwachukwu picked up the pencil when she was little and has refused to put it down since. She is an avid sketch artist, painter, and illustrator; she dabbles in every medium and lets nothing hold her back. As a self-taught artist, she finds inspiration in anything since she feels there is beauty in everything. She took part in an art show in 2015 and has since continued to work on improving her artistic ability. She relishes any opportunity to display her work because she aims to inspire and uplift people through it.