My cat’s tail


dangles over the windowsill,
the way a fishing line might wave
in sunlight. But it’s too thick
for a fish-line, maybe a rope
for tying a boat to the dock.
On the couch I watch this tail sway
imagining that boat’s rope,
knowing the feeling of being towed:
Alarm dragging me from the bed
into a dusk-set room, my thoughts caught
in the drag of a murky livewell,
and with pen as my pole,
hoping to catch what’s in front of me.


Jeremy Caldwell‘s writing has been published in Comstock Review, Work Literary Magazine, Potomac Review, and Prairie Schooner, among others. He received an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and currently serves as Writing Center Director for Doane University.

J’Atelier9 (@jatelier9) emerged after her Los Angeles-based visionary founder, Janine Tang, began her movement towards a circular environment philosophy by sourcing reclaimed materials into sustainable fine arts. J’Atelier9 reshapes the transcendent beauty of innovative repurposing in her fine arts, allowing her fine art to transform into an unconventional vessel. J’Atelier9 translates the interconnectedness of the world through her works by highlighting society’s sensationalism of media, global discourse, planet preservation, glorification of materialism, technological dependence, natural habitat, fashion lifestyle, relatable human experiences, programming within the matrix, and complex facets of duplicity.