Oh, How We Love You

Oh, How We Love You

by Daija White

Black man, brown man: my message for you, from a woman who values and knows your truth.
Black man, brown man: From the day I was born, I vowed to protect you. Oh, how I love you!
Black man, brown man: I see power in you but it doesn’t shine as bright as it used to.
You’re hurt, you’re angry! You respond to trouble emotionally, it puts you in danger.
You get ridiculed for everything you do, you’re watched and seen as a suspect. The pressure must be heavy, don’t carry the burden alone. I feel your pain. Oh, how I love you.

Black man, brown man: be careful, think it through. You are so strong, reject the anger in you.
Black man, brown man: You seem lost and confused. 
Turn back! Please! My men, there’s a better path for you.
You don’t equal drugs, mindless screaming, or stealing… I have to admit this part is less appealing.
You are beautiful! From the way you love, to the way you speak your mind…

Black man, brown man: uniquely created and oh, so passionate… Oh, how I love you!
Black man, brown man: to you I am drawn, you are breath-taking, creative, shall I go on? 
You are so powerful don’t keep that inside. Let it out! Let it out! For the world to see.
Black man, brown man, you are Gods, embrace your power we all know to be.

Black man, brown man whether straight or gay. You matter! All you have to do is stay. 
We need you. Your daughters light up with just the sight of you, your sons mimic you.
Teach them right from wrong, your wisdom and voice is like a sweet song. 
Your partner needs that seductive, loving embrace, no one can ever take your place!
Black man, brown man: OH, HOW WE LOVE YOU!