One Is All and All Is One

By David Nnaji


One is All and All is One


Everything we see and everyone we meet eddy in an endless flow of life.

The ant eats the grain, the bird eats the ant.

A beast bites the bird, and man beats the beast.

But as soil were we formed and as soil we return

To give for grain. “Nature is not fixed but fluid.”


For what’s a measly meadow without the blades of grass?

The shadowed sky without the studded stars?

The broken beach without a grain of silver sand to slither through my hand?

Among a crowd we see ourselves then later everyone else.

A part! A piece! A slice of spirit pie!

A tone! A note! In a luxuriant melody!

Savor your fractions of the whole, and sing, therefore, your own song.


The gears shift and time ticks and ticks existence

In an antique cosmic clock—tirelessly it turns.

Replacing old cogs with new on such a massive scale,

We’d like to think the grand machines were created by some tinker.

But by putting the pieces together the pendulum swings

While the hands run. For in an endless universe

One is All and All is One.



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