‘Til Death


the truth is that
I couldn’t picture myself buried next to you

being in the ground together
is a lot more permanent
than a piece of paper from City Hall

maybe this is what we should talk about
when we talk about love

hey baby
do you want to dance
in the dirt with me?

push your hand through the packed soil
find my candlestick fingers
planted in the chilled earth

count my bones with kisses
as they sigh into dust
one by one

until only our skulls are left
the last guests to leave the party
(and we always left together)

turn to me, beloved

our teeth touch where our lips used to be
it sounds like knock knock
who’s there?
two skeletons
still in love

maybe this is what we should talk about
when we talk about love


Alex Goodson is a writer and poet who lives in Brooklyn with her dog, Bucatini. Her short story “The Art Show” appeared in the literary magazine Beyond Queer Words. She is a two-time Emmy-winning writer and producer for Good Morning America. She loves Joni Mitchell, 50/50 martinis, cooking, Tetris, and billiards.

Donald Patten is an artist and cartoonist from Belfast, Maine, who creates a unique range of artworks that are both visually striking and entertaining. He produces oil paintings, illustrations, ceramic pieces, and graphic novels. His art has been exhibited in galleries across Maine. His online portfolio is donaldpatten.newgrounds.com/art.