two electric currents

by HANNAH REGIER | 2nd Place, student poetry contest

sometimes being happy is what i’m most afraid of.
the holden caulfield worm-in-my-ear
calls me phony with each smile,
each giggle i use to entertain our audiences.
my figure blanks on what the other decided i would be.
two streams.
one floating rainbow fish, glittering
in the sunrays that flock to their scales.
the other holding my drowning fish of dark,
struggling with each new breath.
to travel between, one must pass
the roaring bank with the agility
i do not possess,
resulting in splashes and shivers.
differing diction covers topics
of my soft touch
to the ridges of regeneration
covering every inch of me.
of the cirrus clouds tickling
the blue sky of my soul,
to the stratus thunder shuddering
though my every muscle.
i encounter my cliff
and dive.


Hannah Regier is a freshman attending TCC for literature and philosophy (as personal focuses of her liberal arts degree). She admires poetry the most out of this written art form. She has recently published a poetry collection, a collection of things i found in my closet, and is hoping to be able to release more as she furthers her studies with literature.

Zoe Nikolopoulou is a self-taught watercolor illustrator from Athens, Greece. She is also a poet and translator watching inspiration taking shape into paper. She discovered the magic of watercolors and continued to experiment with them after studying English Literature and Computer Science. Soon after, she opened an NFT account to promote herself.