What If?

by Kerith Johnson


I’ve come to the edge

of the path I’ve been walking

A canyon stretches below

cutting off my way.

But you’re calling me to follow, onto better things

But I cannot cross it,

I cannot even try.


The rocks below are sharp

The other side too far

The distance is too wide

And the hope in me is fading


And I hear your voice behind me, asking me to follow

but the rocks below are sharp

and the distance is too wide.


And yet your still small voice, with gentleness continues

Calling me forward, asking me to jump…


But what if I fall

and am lost amongst the darkness?

What if I am bruised

and crushed upon the rocks?

What if I am weak,

too weak to cross the distance?

What if I’m too small

too small to even try?

And what if you allow me

to try and then to fail?

And what if you’re unable

to aid in what you ask?


What if I’m abandoned

to learn this way alone?

What if I am crushed

just to see if I would follow?


Yet still I hear your still small voice, asking me in turn-


But what if…

What if you soar?


What if your feet leave the ground,

and your heart leaves the ground,

and your hands lose control.

and you actually jump?

What if your mind leaves the doubt,

and your spirit believes,

and you find yourself in my hands.


What if you soar?