Prose Issue #2

2015 Prose

First Place

Someone Tried To Kill Me On Route Taco: A Glimpse Into the Invisible Wounds of War
by J. Darin Ellis

Second Place

Dragon Breath Nights
by Brandie McAllister

Third Place

On Being Ex Best Friends from a Girl Made from Metaphors
by Jenna Buschmann


A Fool’s Hopes
by Jennifer Nichols

The Audition
by Becky Eagleton

A Summer Walk
by Tamara Britton

Snowflake Kisses
by Brooke Passmore

The Lost Art of Ironing
by Jane Gibson

A Geography of Closets
by Janice Airhart

The Dante Alienation
by Laurel Dowers

 There is a Fountain/Crocuses
by Mark Hall

The Dutchman’s Refrain
by Jocelyn Whitney

Smoke and Lemonade
by AJ Tierney

 Jonald and Lepus
by Mason Powell

Compassionate Acres
by Sarah Wagner

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